Designing for Everyday Life in Global Contexts

Guiseppe Getto, Huatong Sun


The rhetoric and professional communication community holds a genuine love for the practice of everyday life. This special issue is a situated response in this discourse context, to investigate research issues surrounding the mundaneness and messiness of “Designing for Everyday Life in Global Contexts.” For the past two decades, a steadily growing body of work on the intersections of intercultural communication and information design has been developing within the field of Technical and Professional Communication. This work variously seeks to articulate culturally situated and rhetorically sound practices for designing in intercultural, cross-cultural, and global contexts, contexts in which a variety of cultures, identities, and technologies are required. This special issue on “Designing for Everyday Life in Global Contexts” collects such endeavors on the theoretical questions, methods, categories, and perspectives to penetrate the obscurity, amplify once lost, muffled voices, and articulate the meaningfulness of everyday life.


cross-cultural design; globalization; intercultural; professional communication;

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